hi, it would be nice if a boy came along and we could start dating or something..

I need YOUR help! 

Can you guys please please please fill out this survey!
It’s only 10 questions.


I’m doing my final project on pornography and I need as many responses as I can get!

i am so distracted and this meal analysis is due tomorrow… 

i was looking at old pictures from like last year and two years ago,
holy fuck i lost some weight.

i never really noticed, other people have told me but i never saw it til now…

so i had a job interview today and they called 20 minutes before and cancelled. 

they fucked up last week as well, i went and no one fucking answered. 

My favourite shots from today.

im so happy i have fridays off again this semester. 

also i feel like this is going to be a rad semester, all my teachers are really cool and i already made friends. 

i start school tomorrow waaaahh

at least i had a greatlast day of summer at the beach. 

i need to go have a drink

I just made a poutine blog. 

go follow it now


I saw fireworks three times this. I still want to see more

Starting to watch The Walking Dead with Liz

karaoke night for megans birthday was a success.

 jack daniels + coke is so good, i want more. 

we still have a big day tomorrow, 3 amigos and STRIPPPPPERSSSS

a couple of weeks ago i was sleeping and my hair was greasy or something and my dad came in my room before he went to work to say bye and i was 500% sure he said ‘ew your hair is greasy go wash it’

but i was half asleep so i didnt know if he really said that or not until i asked him later on. i was just imagining that apparently. 

can’t wait to go to three amigos and the strip club on friday!